Wednesday, September 30, 2009

57. TV Dog Hero: LASSIE

Wel, well, well, do you know that Lassie--the canine hero of the hit TV series that ran from 1954-1973--was actually a boy dog? Joining the pooch as human companions was eleven-year-old Jeff Miller (Tommy Rettig), his mother, and his grandfather until seven-year-old Timmy Martin (played by Jon Provost) and his adoptive parents took over in later seasons.

"Lassie"was such a hit that many merchandise were produced during the show's run, including inclbooks, costumes, clothing, ring, wallet, gameboards, luncboxes and toys--such as this fluffy stuffed Lassie. The silver collar identifies the heroic dog, who was actually played by a collie originally named Pal and several of his male descendants. Still in good condition, this Lassie toy serves to remind me of those early days of TV when shows were still watchable and wholesome. Now it seems, a lot of TV shows are going to the dogs.

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