Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I couldn't help but be charmed by the sight of this pair of mod porcelain couple. They definitely exude a genuine 1960s vibe--from the pixie (or Twiggy) haircut of the girl to the fashionable Carnaby outfit of the cross-legged dandy. I assume that these are cake toppers, although they have separate bases. Too bad I have no use for this winsome vintage pair, when everything was mad about mod!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Of the many kinds of dolls available to a collector, none elicits more interest than ventriloquist dolls that found fame in Hollywood, starting with Charlie McCarthy of Edgar Bergen. Quick to follow was "Danny O'Day", a creation of Jimmy Nelson (b. December 15, 1928). At age 10, he was given a toy ventriloquist's dummy named "Dummy Dan" won by an aunt in a Bingo game. Jimmy learned ventriloquism, and a year later, began taking "Dan" to school. From school performances, he joined amateur talent contests which he consistently won, prompting him to start a professional career.

In 1945, Nelson asked Frank Marshall, a famed maker of ventriloquist dolls (he had made Charlie McCarthy and Jerry Mahoney)  to make him a professional-quality dummy. Marshall sold Nelson a custom-made dummy, which Nelson named Danny O'Day. "Danny O'Day" became a hit when Nelson took his act in nationwide tours.

This vintage 24" 1967 Danny O'Day Ventriloquist Dummy Doll was made by Juro Novelty Co. The ventriloquist is in good used condition. There are signs of use/age but overall doesn't look bad.  The string opens the mouth as it should but the mouth does not close on its own. Despite its flaws, Danny O'Day makes a great display piece, an icon from the past when the world was entertained by talking dolls!

Monday, March 3, 2014


A Philippine-made ironing set--inclusive of a "pakabayo"(ironing board made of painted plywood) and a small flat iron (plantsa) made of thin brass. This child's toy is realistically constructed, and the ironing board even folds for storing--just like the real thing. The tiny plantsa can be opened, just like a real coal-fed pressing iron. Children's play sets such as these were locally made and peddled by ambulant vendors around town--in areas like the church, during fiestas and market days. This rare toy was found on the biggest buy-and-sell online shop,