Saturday, June 24, 2017


Disneyana collectors--look what I found at a local thrift shop, a 1956 Donald Duck squeaker hat! It's an unlikely find here in the Philippines--and I've never seen anything like it. The cap itself is made of fine mesh material, and is topped with a Donald patch with a ribbon. The eyes are glued-on plastic googlies, The beak is plastic and when you give a squeeze--it actually squeaks!
Recently, I saw this old print ad online advertising the same cap--"the hat you'll see Mouseketeers wearing on TV!" Of course, I never saw that as the Mickey Mouse show was never aired in the Philippines, so it was a delight to discover this piece of Disneyana in this part of the world, I am quacking all over!!

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Opening this 1960s G.I. Joe wooden footlocker box is like peeking into Ali Baba's cave of treasures! This ebay find houses two vintage G.I. Joe action figures, one from the 60s and the other--a flocked-haired Joe--from the 70s decade.
The footlocker doesn't just contain these figures in good condition, but also a stash of clothes, uniforms, and plastic accessories. I really haven't sorted the stuff, but I am sure they will be of use to me later, when I re-dress them.
This is the older of the dolls, and it's a scar-faced brown haired Joe. I need a beret to go along with his outfit. he should date from 1964.
The more hirsute Joe still has his lush hair and beard after all these years. They sold for 34$ which is a steal, considering how Hasbro's 'action doll for boys' has risen steadily in price, with no signs of waning. There's a saying that goes--when you die, God looks not at your medals, but at your scars--and G.I. Joe sure has lots of them! And that's why I collect them!