Friday, November 1, 2013


An unusual Rizal bust made of bisque, an unglazed kind of ceramic, turned up recently for sale in San Fernando, and I quickly snapped it up as an addition to my Rizaliana bust collection. The 8 inch bust clearly identifies the national hero by way of his name etched on the front of the bust. Dating from 1930s, Rizal's likeness is pleasantly captured in this representation--although I find him a bit googly-eyed, don't you think? I've seen wooden Rizal busts, busts  made of cast cement and plaster--but not made of bisque, which was a favored material of European casters--French and German doll makers even made doll heads of this not-so-smooth, matte ceramic stuff. I just wonder if there's a Rizal bust out there made of China or porcelain?!

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