Friday, October 25, 2013


Cafiaspirina wa the pain relief medicine brand that rivalled bestselling Cortal in the 1950s. It was produced by the pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, which gave the world, Aspirin. The name Cafiaspirina was derived from Caffeine and Aspirin, two ingredients of the tablets, and grew to become a popular pain medication brand in Latin American countries.

Cafiaspirina made headway in the Philippines through effective trade marketing supports given to local boticas/ farmacias or drugstores. The company gave away large enamel signs bearing the names of the drugstores as well as advertising messages of the brand.

"Stop Pain! Feel Fine Again!", the nurse mascot proclaims, advising consumers to experience the triple-action benefit of New Formula Cafiaspirina--"2 marvelous pain fighters in every wonder tablet!". 

The weather-worn enamel sign has some paint losses and dents which have been professionally touched up by my local painter.  Moulded enamel metal signs such as this are no longer made as they were expensive to produce. These days, stores favor cheaper, more waterproofed signages made from tarpaulin and plastic. Hopefully, I will find a counterpart Cortal sign to match my Cafiaspirina soon!

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