Sunday, November 17, 2013

280. Pray, Keep Them!: KIDDIE SHELF SITTERS

Shelf sitters were favorite decorations of 1950s-60s homes, and matching figurines such as these adorned fireplace mantles, book shelves and ledges around the house. They were cheaply mass-produced in ceramic, plaster of paris and hard plastic such as this example, showing two kneeling kids in a prayerful pose.
Popular shelf sitters often show couples kissing--there were kissing angels, kissing Orientals, kissing jesters, kissing Senors and Senoritas. There are even some matching figures you can sit on a ledge with their legs dangling. Kooky, kitschy and great space fillers, these shelf sitters are becoming hot collectibles at prices everyone can afford. Find them in thrift shops, white elephant sales, garage sales or even in auction sites (though you will have to shell out a bit more!). And remember, do always buy them in pairs!!

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