Thursday, November 7, 2013

279. SHADOW BOXING: Miniature Collectibles on Display

I didn;t know the small stuff that I pick up from thrift shops--figurines, marbles, pinback buttons, coins, medals, trinkets--could amount to more than a boxful after awhile. So I found a way to display them in small wooden shadow boxes such as these! These shadow boxes show off such miniature collectibles as a trio of antique porcelain Japanese spaniels, figural 1950s celluloid pencil sharpeners, cat figurines, advertising labels, condom and aspirin tins and glass Santa Christmas light ornament.
The second shadow box shows off my '60s Batman button, porcelain swan, a pair of Made-in-Japan Kewpies, my mother's brooch, small brass pot and a china half-doll.

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