Sunday, July 25, 2010

133. Time to Retire: GOOD YEAR TIRE SIGN

This metal sign was salvaged from our Shell Gas Station which my father used to operate in front of the Calrk Air Base gate in Angeles, in the 1970s (it was previously managed by his younger brother for many years). I remember spending time at that gas station after school, its most prominent feature was a big billboard showing a gyrating dancer with the headline "Zoom, zoom, super Shell!". This particular sign used to hang in the service bay of the station, next to Goodyear tires that were available for sale in case someone got a busted tire. There were so many of these signs, I can't believe I only have one left. Eventually, the gas station business floundered and closed. Today, the space where Shell used to stand is a jumble of crowded commercial stalls. Indeed, the Goodyears are gone.

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