Sunday, April 18, 2010


Now this this blonde lady made it to her graduation! Again another head vase from Japan dressed in a rare graduation toga outft. It is pretty obvious that this was meant to be a gift idea for would-be graduates and honor students..but what's with the red toga matched with a spangled tie? Made in the 1950s, it's another kitsch-y find from my favorite Makati Cinema Square dealer--where the only thing less is the price!


  1. Even students with low performance records can graduate if they meet minimum requirements. And it is actually not rare to see togas made from different rainbow colors. High-school students here wear togas when they graduate. My two children graduated from St. Bede the Venerable, the equivalent of San Beda in Spanish, with sky blue color toga. So, this is no more than a mass produced gift item for high school students back when head vases were popular.

  2. It is rare--for a lady head vase. This is my first time to see a head vase in a toga--and the only one in my collection. Fun! Fun! Fun! This is what this blog is all about!

  3. Thanks for removing the racially sensitive phrase.