Sunday, April 18, 2010


Good old Pepsi Cola ahve always given Coke a run for ts money. At one point, it was the no. 1 selling softdrink brand in the Philippines, endorsed by the country's top stars like Nora Aunor and Torso Cruz (Remember, 'Have a Pepsi Day!'). Coke countered with its "Coke Is It!" campaign, and Pepsi answered back with "The Pepsi Generation". Like Coke, Pepsi offered an oddball assortment of advertising premiums--but these glasses, stamped with the graceful Pepsi Cola script, were common functional giveaways. They were collected through crown or 'tansan' redemptions, and were favored premiums for canteens, restaurants and carinderias. I found a whole set of 12 glasses at my favorite antique dealer--and now these pop-art Pepsi glasses repose in my old cabinet, ready to be used in case I feel like having a 'Pepsi Day'!

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