Monday, December 14, 2009

86. Where the Boys Are: KEN & ALLAN DOLL

Ken, Barbie's boyfriend, was introduced in 1961 with flocked hair. These two you see here with painted brunette hair were produced in 1962, 1/4 inch shorter than the earliest Ken, but with heftier arms and more defined knees. Mattel felt that Ken needed a male buddy after giving Barbie a bosom friend in the name of Midge. So, Allan Sherwood was born in 1964, introduced together with Skipper, Barbie's younger sis. Allan was meant to be Midge's boyfriend but apparently, since he and Ken shared the same body type and clothing, they spent a lot more time together. The trio reside ina plastic carrying case made especially for Ken and bought in a U.S. collectible shop. Oops, do I hear Barbie having a fit again?

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