Thursday, December 10, 2009

84. It's Pouring Pachyderm! : AN ELEPHANT TEAPOT

"I'm a little teapot with a tusk, here's my handle, here's my trunk..."
Now isn't this a monstrously clever idea? A bloated elephant teapot, with a trunk for a spout, its tail for a handle, and a pagoda sprouting on its back. You won't get any sympathy when you serve tea, but only horrific stares and snickers. Ceramic figural teapots may not be so rare, but a fancy elephant design is seldom seen.This collectible teapot, possibly made in the 50s was found appropriately in a Thai flea market, and it now sits on a mantle in my jungle of a house.


  1. My mother just asked me to google her teapot that she had received from her mother (Thai)... THIS EXACT ONE. my Mother is in her 60's which means that this tea pot is over 70 years old at minimum. If yours has a RED ELEPHANT marking on the bottom... yep... we have a beautiful and rare find. How fun and exciting.

    1. Wow!! You found it again in my blog! Indeed, it has an elephant mark on the bottom. I got this in Chatuchak, when I was living in Thailand!!!