Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Margaret O'Brien (b. 15 Jan. 1937) was a child star of the '40s, and her talent was apparent early on. Her first film appearance was in Babes on Broadway at age 4, but it was the following year that her first major role brought her widespread attention. As a five-year-old in "Journey for Margaret", O'Brien earned accolades fro her natural acting style. Her most memorable role was as "Tootie" in "Meet Me In St. Louis" with Judy Garland. She earned a Juvenile Oscar as "outstanding child actress of 1944", but she was unable to make the transition to adult roles. In her heyday, many merchandise were made of her--including a composition doll, coloring books and these large paper dolls bought from a U.S. paper collector. The two figures have been carefully cut from a book, and the back features the former child's star's autograph, making these movie collectibles even more precious.

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