Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Now here's the world' most famous girlfriend 'n boyfriend dolls--Barbie and Ken. Made by Mattel, Barbie (Barbara Millicient Roberts) was created by Ruth Handler in 1959, the first fashion doll in the world. Barbie is much older than Ken (last name: Carson) who was introduced in 1961. The doll duo featured here underscores that age difference--the Bubble Cut Barbie you see here dates from 1962, while Live Action Ken is from 1973. Barbie is the rarer piece, and price guides list their value from $100 up, depending on their condition. I was lucky thatI found mine for a few hundreds, purchased from the collection of a former stewardess who bought her Barbies during her travels. Ken is a U.S. flea market find.

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