Tuesday, November 3, 2009

70. BOXED: Indiana Jones

Before chasing Ally McBeal (aka Callista Flockhart), Indiana Jones (aka Harrison Ford) was looking for an adventure in the Temple of Doom. This rusty lunchbox, made by King Seeley in 1984, marked that moment in moviedom. Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones first made his appearance in the adventure saga "Raiders of the Lost Ark", which proved to be a blickbuster hit. Several sequels were made, notwithstanding the aging of its lead star (last one was in 2008, "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"), who was losing his hair but not necessary his appeal. Too bad this lunchbox is rusrty and has lost its lunchbox, otherwise, it would have cost $90 on ebay. But for 50 pesos, this Indiana is good enough for me.

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