Sunday, April 1, 2012

217. Advertique: QUAKER OATS COIN BANK

And I thought coin banks were the only favorite giveaways of banking and financial institutions to promote their services! Well, here's one--a plastic figural con bank in the shape of Quaker Oats' company mascot--the Quaker Man. Quaker Oats, world-famous maker of oatmeals, bran and fiber products was founded in 1901--a merger of 4 19th c. milling companies. Quaker Oats adopted the image of the Quaker Man as their company mascot who, according to Quaker partner Henry Seymour represented integrity, honesty, purity —which appropriately personified his company's oat product.The Quaker Man was America's first registered
trademark for a breakfast cereal, his registration taking place on September 4th, 1877. The Quaker Man has recently been modified; not only did he lose 10 pounds but he also lost his double chin!

I have been googling for clues as to the origin of this Quaker Man coin bank, which stands about 6 inches tall, of orange plastic--but no luck so far. I don't know if this was a local premium item--the subsidiary of the U.S. company here is Quaker Oats Philippines Inc.--which really has no tradition of giving promotional giveaways such as this. I would date this from the 60s. When I got this coin bank, it even had a couple of coins inside. When I fished them out, the amount total to 27 pesos, local currency. Subtract this from the 100 pesos price I paid for this kitschy piece--so that leaves us with Php 73! Not bad for a rarely seen Quaker Oats collectible!

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