Sunday, April 1, 2012


When I first saw these toy airplanes hanging in an antique dealer's shop, I thought they were the usual Japan made tin toys. But I was surprised to see that they were made of painted wood. The only metal parts were the propellers cut from tin. I think these were made in Pampanga, possibly around Angeles City, which had a thriving tourist business that targetted military personnel and their families back in the 60s thru the 80s. Maybe these were made for the tourist trade primarily, modelled after airplanes from the last World War and current aircrafts that flew from Clark,

I don't know the exact airplane models from where these were copied, but they certainly are vintage. They were made to hang as they came with hooks where one could loop strings There are still makers of model airplanes in the Clark area, but they are more sophisticated now--airbrushed painted with details such as sticker decals and carved wooden bases on which to display them. But these original wooden planes have a kind of a simple folk charm that's just as appealing and as endearing to the eye--moreso when they fly the wide blue yonder!

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