Sunday, March 18, 2012


I haven't the slightest idea why I got these two vintage rubber dolls that probably date from the mid 60s. I've always been a sucker for old toys, especially those that squeak, toot or cry "Mama". They were made by separate makers, although almost of the same height, around 16". The first one depicts a baby boxer, a concept that's hard to understand--why would someone subject a baby to uppercuts, left hooks and killer punches? I thought it's a charming doll--its squeaker still works when the rubber doll is squeezed. It's a rather unusual subject for a toy, 'no?

The other doll is more familiar to me--it's Pinocchio! To underscore the fact that this is a squeaker doll, Pinocchio even holds a horn. A quick ebay search yielded a similar toy figure and I found out that this was made in Italy and that. indeed, it dates from the 60s. The example on ebay has a price tag of $85, which is really too much to pay for a doll of this kind. Rubber dolls don't keep well, and they tend to sag after some time. These two examples are in fair condition, not dirt cheap by my standards, but still a good buy. Guess you could say I'm a rubber lubber. Squeak-squeak.

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