Thursday, April 14, 2011

172. SHIRLEY TEMPLE Crayon Book

Another nice example of Shirleyana---inspired by the child star Shirley Temple, who turned 83 this year! Unbeleivebale how time flies. One day she' "On the Good Sip Lollipop", the next, she's the U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia! But before her career shift, little Shirley regaled us with such hit movies as "Bright Eyes", "Curly Top" and "Heidi". Her years as a child star spawned merchandise of such variety---from the most expensive child-size Shirley Temple dolls with their own doll buggies to more affordable paper items such as this "Shirley Temple Crayon Book"--whose only connection with Shirley is the diecut photo cover. The inside pages feature blank pages for doodling, sketching and scrawling. But maybe you need a little drink of Shirley Temple first--for a bit of creative inspiration..

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