Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Real photo fan photos that doubled as postcards were very popular during the early '50s and were sold in shops, news stands and photo stores all over the country. One could also write the studio or the actor himself to request for a photo complete with dedication. These examples, bought from a Philippine ebay seller, are a few examples--portraits of some of the most popular stars during the Golden Age of Philippine cinema.

From LEFT TO RIGHT: Lucita Goyena (late 30s star who was a favorite leading lady of Fernando Poe Sr.), Corazon Noble (known today as Jay Ilagan's mother) and Elsa Oria ("Singing Sweetheart of the Philippines who starred in many musicals).

From LEFT TO RIGHT: Leopoldo Salcedo ("The Great Profile", Lionel Barrymore of the Phils.), Fernando Poe Sr. (FPJ's father who died of rabies in 1953) and Rogelio de la Rosa (Philippines' most famous actor of the 50s, future ambassador and senator).


  1. WOW. Ngayon ko lang din po nakita ang picture na yan ni Rogelio dela Rosa...

  2. Ganun po ba. I thought he was even younger in that one, from the other studio photo he has (the ones usually seen in the Internet, with the label of his name below the image).