Monday, April 11, 2011

170. BEWITCHED Fun and Activity Book

This popular, award-winning comedy show that had for its premise an ad executive marrying a witch who can't resist using her magic to solve problems--was created by Sol Saks in 1964. The stellar cast headed by Elizabeth Montgomery (as the witch-wife, Samantha Stephens), Dick York (the original Darrin, the harried ad man, replaced later by Dick Sargent), Agnes Moorhead (as the catty, meddling mother-in-law Endora who does not approve of her mortal son-in-law), George Tobias and Sandra Gould 9as the suspicious neighbors, the Kravitz) and David White (as the slave driver boss, Larry Tate). Tabitha, the Stephens' daughter who also had some powers, was portrayed alternately by twins Erin & Diane Murphy.

In its successful 8 year run, "Bewitched" won 4 Golden Globes, plus a couple of acting Emmys. The series was the basis of many TV collectibles including a Samantha Stephen doll, pocketbooks, coloring and activity books such as this one. In 2005, Nicole Kidman reprised the role of Samantha Stephens in the movie version of "Bewitched", but the original 1964 series held more magic for the show's millions of spellbound fans.


  1. Wow! Bewitched! I remember its re-runs on Studio 23 way back in 2004... I was still a high school freshman then, when I get hooked with this one. :) I can't get over with the fact that I had the same name with Elizabeth Montgomery's character :)))

  2. I have a complete set of DVD of this classic 60s sitcom!!

  3. Wow, really po? That's great! Where did you acquire the DVD set?