Sunday, March 14, 2010


Merrythought is one of the oldest and most prestigious of England's toy manufacturers established exactly 80 years ago in 1930. In fact, Merrythought remains now as England’s sole remaining toy manufacturer. It is most famous for its hand-made classic teddy bears and soft toys that are highly prized today by collectors. This early Merrythought straw-stuffed dog is made from cream colored mohair, and is outfitted with glass eyes and laced with a red ribbon, maybe dating back from the 40s. The pup still has its original Merrythought label, and is in unplayed-with condition. I found this cute puppy in one of the stalls of Portobello over 20 years ago--and its homespun charm, to this day, continues to generate--what else--merry thoughts!

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