Thursday, March 11, 2010


Did you keep your MOTU stuff? Well, I only manage to keep this one--a metal lunch box of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Starting in 1982, Mattel Toys introduced He-Man of planet Eternia and the evil warlord Skeletor. The original action figures came with minicomics that told stories of Skeletor's invasion of Eternia, setting his sights on Castle Grayskull, the 'fortress of mystery and power'. Whoever attains control of Grayskull will gain the power to become Master of the Universe. The barbarian He-Man was given special powers by the Sorceress to thwart his plot. He-Man was such a hit with kids that a whole line of toys, cartoon series and live action movies and extended characters (remember She-Ra, the Princess of Power?) were created. This lunchbox, made in 1983 by Aladdin, is but one of the thousands of products that was spawned by Mattel's hit creation.

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