Wednesday, October 21, 2009


These small made-in-the-Philippines Coca-Cola cases were popular collectibles in the 1950s--the yellow painted wooden divided cases date them to that period. Although they look like salesman's samples, they were treated as miniature curio items or even as toys, to be displayed and kept in glass cabinets. Missing are the small, clear Coca Cola bottles (24 to a case) complete with embossed logos and tin crowns, mini replicas of the classic bottle. Finding an intact set is very difficult these days, as bottles were sold separately (I only have two bottles). If found complete, the whole caboodle would be worth about Php3,500. This slightly damaged pair were found at the annual Greenhills collectibles fair, priced at Php500 each (see the price sticker peeking from the case?). But since it was the last day of the evnt, I got the two for half the price. Now if I could only find more Coca Cola bottles...


  1. Hi! I just acquired quite a lot (several incomplete sets) of those miniature coke bottles that was a fad in the Philippines a while back (I guess late '80s - earky '90s?) I have five kinds of the small vintage bottles (around 3" high) and upon net surfing I think I'm missing the modern 1990 sexy bottle :-( Would you know of anyone interested with these bottles. I'm not really a collector :-) Thanks so much!

  2. Hello! These mini-bottles, recently reproduced, are still available and are still very easy to find. Makati Cinema Square and the annual collectible fair in Greenhills often feature them, so they're slow to sell. Collector demand is still low at the moment, but you might try disposing them through dealers like those in Cubao and Makati. Thanks!