Sunday, October 18, 2009

64. Shirley You're Not!: BRIGHT STAR DOLL

Shirley Temple dolls were all the rage in the 30s that unauthorized impostor dolls were made of the most famous doll in history. To get around the legalities, doll manufacturers made their own Shirley look-alikes, with some variations. This deadringer, from Horsman Dolls, is actually Bright Star, a composition doll circa 1930s. Horsman Doll Company was founded in 1865 by Edward Imeson Horsman. the company is still in operations today.

For a 70+ year old plaything, this Bright Star Doll is in remarkable condition, complete with an identifying tag and its own cardboard box. Toys are "sleeping collectibles", rarely offered by antique shops here, so when a local dealer showed me this doll, I napped it up. Besides, even if she's a Shirley rip-off, who could resist those dimples and curls?

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