Sunday, October 4, 2009

59. '50s ARTISTAS! Fan Photos Galore

Dream. Believe. Survive. Starstruck!

And survive these 1950s movie stars did--in these small color fan photos found at a recent collectible show. Printed on thin paper, these may have come as premiums with certain products--like bubble gum and candies--made to be collected as a set. Or they may been cheap prizes for a "bunutan" board. The photos even have printed 'autographs' of the stars that include Nestor de Villa, Tessie Agana, Ben Perez, Carmen Rosales, Evelyn Valle, Danilo Montes, Carlos Salazar, Jose Padilla Jr. Armando Goyena and Alicia Vergel. You see, old movie stars never die, they just get collected.

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