Thursday, August 27, 2009

31. Here's the Real Thing: NORA AUNOR FOR COCA COLA

Ate Guy!!!!! At her peak, Nora Aunor--short, squat, brown but gifted with a golden voice that sold records, drew diehard fans and sold million pesos worth of products. Immediately, advertisers saw her kaching!kaching! potential. Cocal-Cola capitalized on her pulling power by enlisting her as their endorser. She starred in a series of Coke commercials in the 70s, and collateral materials such as this photo of the new Coca Cola girl were given away by the hundreds of thousands. (But mine has an authentic personalized autograph!). I haven't seen La Aunor in a looonggg, loooonnggg while. She's U.S. based now and has not been home for years. Her legions of fans are hoping for a Philippine comeback, but so far..."walang himalaaaaaahhhh!!".

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