Wednesday, August 12, 2009


C'mon, get happy! Remember Keith (David Cassidy), Laurie (Susan Dey), Danny (Danny Bonaduce), Tracy (Suzanne Crough), Chris (Jeremy Gelbwalks/Brian Forster) and Mrs. Shirley Patridge (Shirley Jones)? They were famous 70s family songbirds on TV who made it big with a no. 1 hit, "I Think I Love You". To think that only David and real-life stepmom Shirley did the singing. For 4 years (1970-74), the bus-driving Partridges were the toast of the U.S. showbiz circuit, making records and generating merchandise and collectibles lapped up by frenzied fans (that included me)--from gameboards, paper dolls, coloring books--and yes, this metal lunchbox with a matching thermos. I love the groovy graphics and the Mondrian inspired colors and lay-out! The Partridges in real life, has since gone to live laughable, eccentric, troubled and mixed-up lives (Remember Danny's transvestite encounter? David's tell-all sleaze book? Shirley's quirky 2nd marriage?)--but this lunchbox is a remembrance of a family's TV-perfect fantasy life--good-looking, talented, rich and famous!

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