Monday, August 10, 2009


When television became the rage of the 1950s, small TV lamps also came into vogue--to be placed atop the TV set to add mood lighting. In time, enterprising lamp makers created bases in all bewildering shapes and sizes--from electrically-lit crocodile figurines, plastic Japanese lanterns to ceramic leopards with gleaming, lighted eyes. But nothing beats this surf 'n turf TV lamp (yes, dearies, there is a bulb buried somewhere amidst the crustaceans) creatively assembled from a large shell, coral pieces, conches, bi-valves and other marvelous forms of marine life. But look again--a plastic flamingo and palm tree complete the "sun, sea and sand" concept! Err, where's the "sun", you may ask? Flick the light switch get the drift (wood)...

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