Tuesday, July 28, 2009

12. COUPLE ON A CAKE: A Filipiniana Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding cake toppers are an American invention-- after all, we only had bibingkas (rice cakes) in the good old days. We put grated coconut on top of them, not fancy, inedible decors such as this! But this is the first cake topper I've seen with a bride and groom distinctively dressed as Filipinos. The dashing groom wears a white, sharkskin suit while his bride is attired in a formal butterfly sleeved gown trimmed with lace, complete with a dusty tulle veil. I found the lovestruck plaster pair, which dates to the early '50s, in a Cubao hole-in-the-wall thrift shop. Not in perfect condition, but this Filipiniana kitsch is worth keeping-- for better or for worse!

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