Sunday, July 26, 2009


Tita Cory Aquino may not be feeling good these past few months, but in sickness and in health, we Pinoys love her--and remember her with gratitude for toppling the Marcos dictatorship and restoring democracy to the Philippines. Ascending to the presidency in the name of her beloved Ninoy (Benigno Aquino Jr.) , Tita Cory became an icon of our times, and in the heady People Power days, assorted Cory dolls were made in her likeness. This 3.5 inch Cory Doll, a car hanger made of felt, shows our favorite tita in her trademark glasses and yellow dress, holding her fingers up in a LABAN (fight) sign. "I Love Cory", we all proclaimed, and to this day, this sentiment is still felt and shared by millions of grateful Filipinos.

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