Friday, February 3, 2017


Now here's a pair of Made in Japan figurines that hark back to the age of the Beatles, Shindig, Dave Clark 5, American Bandstand, the Monkees, and Hullabaloo. The two china figures represent combo players of the 60s era, and may have once graced a teenage girl's room, as she listened to her vinyl records playing the songs of Paul, John, Ringo and George on her plastic turntable. Alas,only two figurines remain--one singing the melody while beating a conga, the other, strumming away on his red electric guitar. The drummer and,possibly, the bass player are missing from the set, but that doe not detract from kischy cuteness of these two boy band members, who even have their original nylon moptop hair! And note the green bases where they stand--complete with musical notes! You could almost hear them belting out.."She loves you yeah...yeah...yeah!".

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