Saturday, January 31, 2015

322. When The World Went Mod: TWIGGY DOLL

The first Mattel doll made after a real person was "Twiggy", first created in 1967, based on the looks of the top British model, the skinny-reed-thin Twiggy, Lesley Lawson in real life. Twiggy shared the same body size as Francie and Casey, so they could swap clothes. Twiggy's trademark big wide eyes were captured in the doll made from the same head mold as Casey. She was blonde, had heavier eye make up, rooted lashes, a Twist 'n Turn waist and bendable legs. She lasted a year in production, but the real Twiggy's career was much longer--she dabbled in theater, TV, film, singing and hosting--but never losing in touch with the fashion world in which she remains an icon.

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