Sunday, January 11, 2015

321. Nurse, I Need To Go!: PORCELAIN BEDPAN

One of the oddest things I found in my scrounging expeditions was this porcelain bedpan, in pristine condition. It is clearly an old piece, and a quick online search yielded a bit of info about this vintage hospital collectible that has the potential to become a "conversation piece". 
The slipper bed pan is passed under the patient in front, between the legs, and comes with a handle for easy retrieval. 
The British maker, S. Maw Son & Sons, was active from 1860s-75 as a medical instrument manufacturer in London England. The firm was renamed S. Maw, Son and Sons after 1918, which dates this bedpan from 1918-1920s. By 1940, the company evolved into Maws Pharmacy Supplies Ltd., based in Barnet, England. Hospital collectibles are not exactly hot items purused by private collectors--but I'll make an exception this case--as I may someday make use of it!!

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