Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This is a 17" composition Rosebud doll by Horsman, one of the leading doll makers in the U.S. whose products found their way to Philippine emporiums and Manila department stores. She was a popular doll in the early 30's, made with a composition swivel head, shoulder plate, and limbs. This doll has gray tin sleep eyes with most of her hair lashes intact. Her open mouth reveals a felt tongue and four upper teeth. She has nice deeply molded dimples with blush on her cheeks, backs of hands, elbows, and knees. On the back of the neck, we find her name-- ROSEBUD.

She wears her brunette mohair wig styled in bangs and her original tagged dress that still retains its bright colors. The only damage are a few tiny pinholes on the back of the collar. The tag reads, HORSMAN DOLL MFD IN USA.

Apparently, this doll was well-cared for by its 86 year-old owner, who had her when she was about 8 or so. She was kept in a cardboard box in an aparador (cabinet), and there it stayed until she decided to sell the entire contents of her house--Rosebud included. I am glad she's moved in with me, where she awaits to be displayed a toy museum, soon to rise in my province!

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