Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I found this googlie-eyed creamer staring at me in an antique shop in Devonport, New Zealand, a charming, seaside resort in Auckland. Figural creamers have been around for so long and most are in the shape of cows, people heads and other animals. This one though, is quite a character. I did a bit of research but found nothing of this houseware collectible that definitely dates from the 1950s. For some reason, it reminded me of a man-in-the-moon or one of those nursery rhyme characters--Humpty Dumpty perhaps. Maybe it was part of a set or a premium giveaway from a now-extinct product. I thought I paid a bit too much for this creamer (30NZ$, or close to a thousand bucks), but then I'd be whacking my head now if I hadn't gotten it. I am sure I will be staring back at this googlie creamer each time I drink my coffee, amused by the thought that I will be as wide-eyed as him in the morning!!

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