Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The TV series" Welcome Back, Kotter" was a popular comedy show that aired from 1975-1979, about a teacher with a heart and his inner city high school stint where he had to deal with troublesome kids. Gabe Kotter, the dedicated teacher, was played by Gabe Kaplan, while Vinnie Barbarino, leader of a group of young misfits called Sweathogs who liked dropping rhyming insults was played by pre-Saturday Night Fever disco king, John Travolta. John was paid $2,000 per episode and only did occasional appearances--but after Saturday Night, his fee skyrocketted and his contract had to be changed. This vintage 1977 lunchbox celebrates the show at its most peak, and is made by Aladdin. A rare, unused example with thermos and tags intact would be worth about $350. I scored this one for just a few hundred pesos in some garage sale I can't even remember. I'm just happy to see again a familiar artifact from my high school days--so welcome back!!

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