Monday, February 7, 2011

162. CELEBRITY PLATES: Daisy & Blanca

Guess who's coming to dinner?
Why, Daisy Romualdez and Blanca Gomez, of course--sister actresses who made a name for themselves in the 1960s, when light musicals and romances were the order of the day in Philippine showbiz. Here, we find their images reproduced on two decorative plates, souvenirs of their stardom in those bang-shang-alang days.

The elder Daisy Romualdez (born Margarita Romualdez) was intriduced in 1956 in the film, "Vacacionista". is Filipino actress. She is sister of Blanca Gomez and are both of Spanish blood. She married former basketball star Manny Paner and has two daughters, singers Danita and Kristina Paner. Blanca Gomez was enlisted by Sampaguita Pictures to be part of the very popular Stars '66. After her star waned, she also married a basketball player of Crispa, Danny Pecache. After her separation, she married businessman Richard Yang and is now settled in San Bernardion, California with her 4 children. Daisy appears every now and then on telenovelas while Blanca is happily retired from showbiz.

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