Sunday, January 23, 2011

160. JOCKO

I was rummaging at a recently-discovered thrift shop in Quezon City when I chanced upon this handheld pinball game with a great clown graphics (which reminds me eerily like that clown in that TV horror flick by Stephen King, "IT"). Made in the 1970s by Wolverine Toy (Booneville Arkansas) , the bagatelle game is made of plastic & metal it measures approx. 13" x 7" . I checked ebay, and the cheapest Jocko game (used, of course) is being offered at 4$, while the most expensive is $24.99. I paid Php300 for it--which I think was a bit too much, even if it's a working example. Sometimes, I just go too loco in my jocko.

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