Sunday, September 12, 2010

144. Hello, Dolly: COMPOSITION DOLL

I have forgotten where I found this old composition doll, which is typical of those made in the 50s. Composition is sort of like compressed paper mulch, sawdust and glue but much more durable than paper mache. Its head, arms and legs are made of composition material, the body is made of stuffed cloth. Though it has some crazing, dings and paint loss, this doll with close-open glass eyes is complete right down to its satin-and-tulle baby clothes. It's been sitting on a baby chair in my room for quite some time now and perhaps, it's time to take it out when I go trick-or-treating this Halloween. With all the crazing that has started defacing its face, this once-cute doll is beginning to look like Chucky's bride, you know, that movie monster doll who goes around with a baseball bat screaming---"I wants YOU for a best friend!" Nyahahahaa!

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