Sunday, September 12, 2010

142. Drinking Vitality: CHOCO-VIM

Choco-Vim was my idea of chocolate heaven back when I was a kid in the 60s. Dairy giant Magnolia concocted the chocolate drinks, and came in straight-sided bottles such as this, and also in shorter, squatter bottles. When the family would go visit my aunt in Manila, she would welcome us with servings of Choco-Vim, picked out from her freezer (she ran Herran Kiosk). Choco-Vim would be reincarnated as Magnolia Chocolait in the 70s, and this time, it was made to appeal to the young go-go crowd. Remember that ad featuring young people cavorting on a beach as the jingle "Superdelicious Chocolait, Supernutritious Chocolait.." played on and on?

In the early 80s, Chocolait was assigned to ad agency Ace Compton and, in a twist of fate, I found myself writing the ads for it! I guess my love and affinity for the product showed as the Magnolia Chocolait Ad won creative awards! Anyway, Chocolait--now in tetra packs--is still being sold today, but even if I know it's the reincarnation of Choco-Vim, I still long for the day for the brand to return--original name, bottle, flavor and all. People from my generation still pine for the nourishing, revitalizing Choco-Vim--so much so that there's even a facebook group devoted to this bottled chocolate goodness!

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  1. Hi! Good day sir! I am a student from Ateneo and I am currently taking up Marketing 101 in which we have a project. The goal of the project is to "relaunch" a dead brand and our chosen product is Magnolia Choco-Vim. The main difficulty for our group is that we can't find much data(facts, how it was marketed, why it died etc.) that we really need about Choco-Vim since it has been long gone. I would just like to ask if you could help us. We really really would appreciate any kind of help.

    - Pao G.