Monday, January 25, 2010


You squeaks!

This little rubber boy doll is 54 years old and he is still squeaking! Made by Rempel Enterprises in 1956, it was found in a New Jersey antique shop for exactly 4 dollars. Rempel is famous for its rubber toys, and the most popular are its line of animal rubber squeaker figures. It was founded by Gustave Dietrich Rempel, a Russian emigre, who set up his first shop at Akron, Ohio (home of B.F. Goodrich--so there's the rubber connection!). He invented a way to cast rubber efficiently using his patented Roto-Cast process--and soon, he was making a killing with his "Croaker" rubber frog creation, which turned out to be a bestseller.

Rempel's heydays were in the mid 50s, as it acquired licenses for Popeye, Olive Oyl, Wimpy, Lassie and other favorite cartoon persoanlities. The last of the rubber squeeze toys were issued in 1968. Today, you don't see many rubber squeeze items in toy stores--so this boy toy with paint intact, is a real find! Action sqiueaks louder than words, so start looking for a Rempel toy now!


  1. I have this squeaky boy, too. Found it wrapped in tissue in a shoebox in my Mom's closet with a note telling that it was mine in 1958, in Portsmouth, VA. It was exciting to see another, online, that features the same colors and condition of mine!

  2. That's wonderful to hear. Am sure it's even more of a treasure to you today.