Monday, January 4, 2010


Lighters do make ideal advertising freebies! They're functional....they are handled every day ...and the metal body can accommodate any advertising message as well as product logos. Long favorites of advertisers of "vice" products (read: cigarettes and liquor), lighters today are being avidly sought for their strong graphics and design. Here we have a nice set, made of chrome and given away by cigarette companies "Hit Parade"and "Lucky Strike" from the 50s. The local "Manila Rum" lighter is made of chrome and polished brass, and dates from the 60s. I don't remember how much I paid for these lighters, which means they must have been bargain basement cheap. So come on, collectors, light your fire!


  1. i got a whole collection of 60s japan-made lighters which my tito collected. a lot have addresses of escolta and other manila establishments...

  2. Do you display them? I just saw the lighter collection of National Artist Vicente Mananansala (he's a smoker), and I am astounded with the variety!