Saturday, July 15, 2017

381. Strong to the Finish : 1958 POPEYE VINYL DOLL by GUND

Now here's a handsome deal that came from a distant relative---a 21 inch 1958 vinyl doll of Popeye, the sailor man, toot-toot!! It was made by Gund Mfg. Co. which has been making stuffed toys since 1898! This character doll is an authorized merchandise of King Features Syndicate, which owns the right to the popular cartoon series.

When it came to me, it had been redressed and mended in different parts. The head seemed lopsided, like it was repositioned at one point so I had to twist it a bit. Popeye was wearing a horrible metallic silver top with very tight pants of the same material. It came in a ragged condition, and its nose, it seemed, showed signs of having been nibbled by its previous owner. Well, I had high hopes that I could restore it still.

But first, I had to look for reference o how to redress Popeye. It was good thing I found a similar doll on ebay, which shows Popeye in its original sailor dress. I  took the doll to a local dressmaker and furnished her with the above reference. Well, she figured she could copy it--and I believed her.
A week after---my old Popeye was ready to slip into his new, flashy sailor attire. I think my dressmaker did a fabulous job recreating a new costume using local fabrics! The costume has that fresh-from-the-factory look!! My Popeye is ready to b displayed--and he did not have to finish a can of spinach to look this good! Toot--toot!!

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