Thursday, March 10, 2016


Recently seen at an estate sale---assorted domestic ware--mostly vintage thermos, water dispensers, kettles and enamel ware,from the 50s and 60s.
Of interest are these two insulated water jugs. The example below even has a faucet spout and has a porcelain inner core, lined with cork. The aluminum caps date the 2 from the 50s.
A water kettle is another great example of utilitarian enamelware that were made cheaply and mass-produced since the mid 1800s. This midcentury kettle shows signs of use but is in stable condition, despite years of oven-use. I wonder how many cups of hot water for coffee or tea has been boiled in this kitchenware!
I wasn't really interested in such wares but this goes to show the range of items now being sold as collectible--to be used again, perhaps, by some vintage-minded fellow, in his vintage kitchen of his vintage home!

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