Wednesday, February 3, 2016

356. Let's Do the Horsey-Horsey! MOBO HORSE

Giddyap!! Here is a pressed-metal horse I got online--it's called a Mobo Horse, which sought to replace the more popular wooden rocking horses. These ride-on horses were inexpensively produced by a factory in Kent, England, from the 1940s through the '60s. The bestseller was a Mobo Bronco made by D. Sebel & Co., which began as a metalworking firm in the 1920s,
As the child astride the horse pushed down and then released the flat metal "stirrup" pedals, the horse bounced up and down, and wheels hidden under the hooves propelled it forward. In the 1950s, a steering mechanism was added, and by pushing down on just one pedal, the horse could be turned in that direction. This Mobo is the steerable version, and measures 30 inches tall.This example has been repainted but has all its parts almost intact (missing harness).

So, put on your riding boots...and join me on the first part of the journesy--in my horse with a name--MOBO!

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