Wednesday, May 20, 2015

332. Advertiques: PHILLIPS PETROLEUM 66

Loyalty has its privileges, indeed. I bought a few items from an antique dealer recently and he gave me this freebie--a  rather large wooden sign of Phillips Petroleum 66. The energy company was founded  by Lee Eldas "L.E." Phillips and Frank Phillips of Oklahoma in 1917.
A shield logo was created in 1930 for its link to the famous highway of the same number, with a black and orange color scheme that would last nearly 30 years. In 1959, Phillips introduced a revised version of the shield in red, white and black, a color scheme still used by Phillips 66 Co. for the brand. Vintage Phillips signs are highly collectible and many reproductions exist. This wooden sign is definitely a local fantasy version, with cut-out letters and carved background (there's a missing piece below). It must have hanged in a private bar or used to decorate a den or a man-cave. I haven't gotten around to restoring it--it is just stashed away in my garage-- to remind me that once upon a time, petrol was so cheap, that everyone on Route 66 was screaming--"Step on the gas!".

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