Thursday, February 19, 2015

324. Lessons Learned from a Pioneer: DANIEL BOONE SCHOOL BINDER

Daniel Boone was an adventure series aired on NBC (from 1964-70) based on the life of the pioneer in Kentucky territory in the 1770s. It starred Fess Parker who, ten years earlier portrayed Davy Crockett on the “Disneyland”TV series. Many materials were produced and copyrighted by 20th Century-Fox TV.
An unusual item from the Daniel Boone era was this 3-ring plastic school binder I got pre-ebay, from the mail order auction, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles. Made of tan plastic, the front cover features the silkscreened photographic likeness of Fess Parker. Other than that, it is your typical binder with a sleeve inside to hold your various paper items. With your Daniel Boone cooncap and binder, you’re all set to conquer new frontiers in school

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