Sunday, April 6, 2014

295. Toby or Not To Be: JESTER CHARACTER CUP

I couldn't help but stare back at  this character mug when I chanced upon it at a Makati thrift shop. Fairly small, with some crazing, it looked definitely old, reminiscent of the toby mugs of yore depicting a character in history. Technically, a toby jug depicts a whole person, while a character jug shows just the face, but these ceramic creations share one thing in common--they are all highly collectible!
This example is unmarked--Royal Doulton currently makes the most desirable toby cups and jugs--but the finish of this face jug is superb, the colors vivid and appealing. So off  it went to my collection of kitschy ceramics, that includes dozens of lady head vases. I'll probably use this cup, so every time I drink my coffee, I can face-off with this cool, jester dude from the 50s!!

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