Thursday, April 4, 2013


A centavo saved is a centavo earned!
That's what my grandfather used to say to us in his futile attempt to make us realize the value of money--or even coins. I remember he always kept his loose change in empty cigarette paper packs, ready to be dispensed whenever us, grandkids, needed to buy one piece of Texas bubble gum or a sheet of colored paper for an art project.

But a better way to save was with the use of coin banks, given as premiums by many banks. This example, however, is different, in that it was given away by the Bureau of Posts. In the form of a book, the coin bank is actually a metal box, sandwiched between two leather "book covers" showing a relief of the postal building.

A slot is provided at the top of the metal box that simulated the closed pages of a book, and which even comes with a lock to secure one's precious savings. Too bad, with the advent of e-mail, phone texts, mms, facebook and other technological communication breakthroughs, snail mails are bound for extinction; so the 80++ year old Manila Central Post Office Building may be in real danger of disappearing too. Rumor has it that it will be sold and converted into a 5-star hotel!! Now, more than coins,  that's a heritage structure we really need to save!!

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